Monolithic works



Nowadays monolithic works are used to build almost all kinds of residential and industrial buildings mostly without seams. This fact significantly improves thermal and sound insulation and prevents the formation of cracks, which in consequence, increases the durability of the buildings, making them stronger and long-lasting.

Due to our modern technologies and skilled professionals, «Fortitudo» SRL. will build any construction, offering an individual approach to each client.

We perform monolithic works the following way:

  ◊ Armature frame Installation
  ◊ Formwork Installation
  ◊ Filling with concrete
  ◊ Heating the concrete (winter time)
  ◊ Formwork Removal.

• Reinforced concrete foundation plates with formwork and armature installation

Reinforced concrete foundation plates are used to build up the foundation walls and basement of almost any building and construction. We also take into consideration the geological conditions of the territory under construction. The construction of monolithic foundation involves the construction of wooden formwork from separate boards. The usage of ditch walls as a formwork is possible in case of using special insulation film. The easiness of the process allows us to perform this type of work in the shortest possible time.

• Reinforced concrete floor separators with the installation of formwork and armature installation

Floors made out of reinforced concrete plates proved to be much stronger and more durable than wood, as concrete can withstand any humidity, and besides that, it does not require any maintenance during the operation process. The walls of the following floors can easily be installed over such kinds of floor separators, as well as brick partitioning walls or construction equipment. The floors that are laid over concrete floor separators are strong and stable. The reinforced concrete foundation is suitable for any type of floor installation.

• Monolithic reinforced concrete foundation for columns with the installation of the formwork

The monolithic reinforced concrete foundations for columns consist of 2 parts, one of them being a one-, two-or three-tile part. The foundations are designed in six variants of height. The foundation dimensions are determined by calculations. The armature of the sole of monolithic foundations is made out of welded mesh or knitted rod armature. We can also use standard unified welded mesh, laid in two layers, with a working armature in mutually perpendicular directions.

• Reinforced concrete columns with the installation of formwork and armature

Reinforced concrete columns are vertical constructions that serve as support for the other parts of the building, such as girders and beams, and transfer the tension from them further down.
Reinforced concrete columns designed for multi-storey buildings are made with a cross section from 300x300 to 500x500mm and with the length ranging from 2240 to 10400 mm (1-3 floors).
Reinforced concrete columns for one-story buildings have rectangular section ranging from 300x300 to 500x500 mm and with a length from 3 to 19 m.

Depending on the number of floors of the building, the columns are divided into 2 groups:

  ◊ joint less (intended for the construction of single-storey buildings);
  ◊ with joints: for lower, middle and upper tiers (they offer the opportunity to mount several columns one on the other).

• Reinforced concrete walls with formwork and reinforcement

Reinforced concrete walls are built out of concrete panels. They are mounted on a frame that consists of reinforced concrete columns and girders. For a cottage up to a maximum of 3 floors, we use heavy or lightweight concrete. We make standard panels or panels with individual design. The panel itself consists of an outer and inner wall part of reinforced concrete with a cavity between them that is filled with foam. The gaps between the plates are sealed with special insulating packages when are installed.



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