House construction of any complexity



We wisely build long lasting houses! "Fortitudo" SRL provides a range of services to both private and corporate clients, such as: design, building and decoration for any house, cottage or country house. The house construction and its design is made exclusively out of materials from the leading manufacturers.


• Brick houses

Brick Houses are the leader in the construction industry. There are several explanations to this fact: first of all they are very resistant, lasting over 100 years. Secondly, the brick resists any severe frost or heat or weather cataclysms. Brick constructions are well protected from all kinds of micro-organisms, and they are also fire-resistant and environmentally friendly. Brick houses have a very high level of noise protection. Besides all these mentioned benefits, the porous structure of the brick will maintain permanent ventilation.




• Country houses and cottages


"Fortitudo" SRL. will build the cottage or vacation house of your dreams: with any budget and with all the construction works, that include: foundation laying, box realization, roof installation : attic, cold (metal, soft roofing, etc.). We will also perform any room or exterior decoration that you are planning.


One of the working fields of "Fortitudo" SRL. is house construction from the scratch. We can either build the house according to your proposed project, or we can advise you on a new project designed together with the help of our qualified specialists and designers, that will offer you a genuine European quality!



• Wooden Houses

Wooden Houses are becoming more and more popular due to several advantages. "Fortitudo" SRL. will build your dream house, because we know how to make them right. First of all, there is no need for heavy lifting equipment to construct a wooden framed houses, this fact significantly reduces the construction time. Secondly, this method is much more economical than the construction of a brick house. Thirdly, this kind of houses doesn't shrink, this will again reduce the time of construction.

Wooden Houses are famous for their low thermal conductivity. This will save your money on heating. In addition, they have excellent ventilation properties that will provide an excellent microclimate, no matter of the weather. The modern flame retardants, that we use for the wood-frame houses will protect your house from fires for a long time.



• Block houses

Building houses out of concrete blocks becomes more widespread with every year. Block houses and cottages built out of foam or aerated concrete have a lower cost, comparing to brick houses, and these blocks of concrete proved to be the warmest material. In this way, these houses do not require additional heating. According to construction technology, when the construction is finished, we perform coverage works, in order to increase its resistance to the environment.



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