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Facade works are a complex of special works to build and improve the exterior of the building, as well as to provide strength and stability. The facade of the building will help you to protect the building from humidity, heat and noise, and even from loosing heat. Facade works are done by successive application of insulating layers on the wall that are bonded one to another.

"Fortitudo" SRL. will provide you with all kinds of facade renovation and decoration of houses, blocks of houses and industrial buildings. All the phases of work are monitored in accordance with the high standards and documents. We will ensure you the durability and security of the facades, in short terms.

• Wet facade

Wet facade is a special technology for preserving the of the house, which is performed by bonding 3 layers: insulating layer, base layer and outer layer. Each layer is applied in a raw condition. That is why, this method is called "wet." The outer layer of plaster can be covered with a special paint that allows the facades of the building to have an original and stylish look.

• Ventilated facade

You need to have a ventilated facade, if:

  ◊ You want to improve the sound insulation, reliability, durability and energy efficience of any type of building;
  ◊ You want your construction to be long-lasting, at least 50 years;

The ventilated facade can be installed at any time of the year. It is designed for usage in industrial cities with aggressive environment and strong wind. All the elements of the system meet the strength and fire protection requirements.

• Decoration with thermal panels

Thermal panels have excellent qualities. They are highly resistant to atmosphere impacts and climate. The basic heat insulating material is polyurethane or polystyrene foam. This material doesn't rot. It does not get covered with mold, and can hardly set on fire. The thermo panels are attached to the facade with special mounts or glue. The joints between the tiles are rubbed with waterproof solution.

• Transparent constructions

This field fo construction is one of the most popular at the moment, especially for skyscrapers. The transparent constructions are mostly used as facade systems with large windows and show-windows. This system is also used for the roofs, offering the building a modern look.





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