Installation of external electrical networks 10-0.4 kV



Our company offers external electrical networks planning and installation. This process consists of several steps:

◊ Document analysis of the future object intended for installation (technical requirements, architectural and construction plan of the building).
◊ Object Analysis by our specialists.
                                                                                               ◊ Design solutions planning.
                                                                                               ◊ Solutions Agreement with the client and project confirmation.
                                                                                               ◊ Project Approval in Licensing and Inspection Bodies.
                                                                                               ◊ The project is given to the client.

The electrical network contains a number of sub-stations, switchboards and power transmission lines that altogether distribute the electricity.
External electrical networks include:

  ◊ Transformer sub-stations 10-0.4 kV;
  ◊ Diesel power stations;
  ◊ Cable and aerial lines 10 kV;
  ◊ Cable and aerial lines 0.4 kV;
  ◊ Outdoor illumination;
  ◊ Architectural illumination of buildings, lawns, trees, etc.





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