Internal electrical networks and illumination



Internal electrical networks installation includes the following:

◊ Installation of power distribution equipment items (water-switchgear, distribution panels, control boxes, switchboards, etc.);

◊ Installation of circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, circuit breaker differential input-distribution boards;

                                                                                               ◊ The gasket of distribution and group networks;

                                                                                               ◊ Outlets, circuit breakers and switches installation and connection;



• Project development of indoor illumination

Our qualified specialists will make all the measurements, and will also realize the project of interior illumination at your request, or based on the project of our designers and engineers. We perform these works in any style: ranging from classic to modern or extravagant.


• Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies are now widely used in all fields, especially lately in the field of illumination. This fact helps to save money on illumination and diversify it as well. Thus, we can change your indoor illumination in a certain tone; create such optical effects as fire in the fireplace.
The newest method in illumination is LED lighting, which is used for illuminating both the city streets and highways, as well as for indoor illumination. It is far more economical than the previous types of illumination, much more durable and maximally safe.

• Individual solutions


"Fortitudo" SRL offers a full range of custom designed indoor illumination, decoration and document coordination of the project.
Contact us and you will receive a high-quality individual project developed by our qualified specialists.




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