Air and ground cable laying 10-0.4 kV



"Fortitudo" SRL realizes transmission lines installation and repair works in any climate and terrain conditions.
Installation of air and ground cables is realized after all the regulatory documents and national standards are received. We take care that all the safety rules are met during the construction and execution of electrical works.

Cables are laid in ground trenches, in water, air, channels, and tunnels, on the inner and outer walls of the buildings. If the trench is less than 0.8 m deep, then we install the cable on a sandy base 10 cm thick. After that we cover it with another layer of sand.

"Fortitudo" SRL usually performs cable installation in concrete blocks and pipes, as it is more convenient for exploitation. It allows to change cables without opening the trenches. In addition, the cables are protected from damage and the action of the environment.
When we install aerial power transmission lines and low voltage networks, we us wooden, concrete and metal supports, poles and towers. For aerial lines with a voltage of up to 1000 watts, we use aluminum or galvanized steel wires. For high-voltage aerial lines, we use aluminum, steel and aluminum, and steel wires and ropes.

If there is an industrial building with a large number of cables (over 20), with the same direction, we install the cables in tunnels.





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