Protection against lightning for buildings and constructions






By installing this kind of protection, you will protect your house, building or construction from the lightning. This process consists of a set of works to prevent fire, electric strike of people, animals and plants, or the output of electrical and electronic equipment inside your building.


Lightning protection system consists of 3 components:


  ◊ Lightning device that takes the current;

  ◊ current lead that transmits the current to the earthing system;

  ◊ Grounding device that directs the current into the ground.


• Active protection against lighting


Protection against lighting is usually done in two ways: active and passive protection. We use the most advanced technologies and that is why we offer active lightning protection to our customers. With this method we use an active head as the lighting arrestor that attracts the lightning itself. This method is also called artificial concentration of electric discharge on the object.


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