Low voltage systems design and installation



Low voltage systems refer to:

◊ Main and distribution cable network
◊ Local computing network
                                                                                               ◊ System of telephone and Internet network access
                                                                                               ◊ System of reception and distribution of terrestrial and satellite TV
                                                                                               ◊ Installation of security and fire alarm

If you plan to install a low voltage system, it will be necessary to develop the project in order to properly place such nodes as: low-voltage board, low-voltage relays, low-voltage outlets, etc., as well as to precisely conduct a low-current wire through special standpipes. If you want your cable network, system of access to the Internet, and network connection to work flawlessly for a long time, you will need a professional design of the low-power networks that our specialists will be able to perform. We will examine the place of the project and perform the low-current project for you easily and with professionalism, in accordance with the existing standards and regulations.





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