Production and industrial illumination



Our company will professionally perform any works on industrial illumination that represents an extremely important step in equipping any production area, because especially industrial illumination will help you light up large size territories and increase work efficiency.

Illumination works include indoor illumination, as well as open areas. For this purpose, «Fortitudo» SRL uses only specialized industrial lights and floodlights that will create the best conditions for work and will also save you money on electricity.


• Repairs, modernization and maintenance of existing systems

"Fortitudo" SRL will perform repair and modernization works, as well as any service maintenance of all systems in the house, cottage or industrial building, maintaining the highest standards. Our staff constantly participates at trainings, both in the country and abroad, acquiring the latest technology about the lighting system.

• Automatic light control

Automatic light control devices (ALCD) are used to save energy during the day, or to control turn-on \turn-off light system at the right time. We perform installation of automatic light control devices in two basic ways: discrete control and smooth change of power lamps.

Discrete light control systems include: photocell (automatic photographic) and timers. The principle of operation is based on the process of turning on and off by an outside sensor.

The second method works by switching the light tension, depending on the time of day and it is set up by a special program.





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