Industrial and residential electrical panel assembly



We install electrical panels in order to take evidence of the consumed electricity and calculate it with the electric meter. The electric meter is usually installed on the electrical panel of the house together with the necessary switching and protective devices. We can also install the electrical meters on plastic or metal panels.
One of the means of security ensuring is neutral grounding that means to connect the non conducting metal parts of the electrical equipment with a grounded neutral conductor.

• Switchboards

The switchboards that our company uses to create distributional sections or general purpose sections have the following requirements:


   ◊ They have a high protection level
   ◊ They are compact and trustworthy
   ◊ They allow you to expand the system, in case of need


This system allows us to perform any project and meets the requirements of any customer. The specially designed program for measurement calculation of the cabinets will help to easily and correctly choose the cabinet for the selected equipment.

• Automatic Transfer Switch

This method is used to improve the reliability of power supply systems. It automatically connects to the tension of standby power sources in case of loss of the main source of electricity.
ATS system is more effective when the power consumption pause is shorter, that's why the time for turning on the reserve should be minimal. In case of accidents, when the voltage in a system disappears for some reason, the system recognizes this emergency and automatically restores power supply from the backup power source. The backup power source can be transformers or lines. They can be disabled or can be electrically active or under tension.

• CP (control panels)

Control panel (CP) is used to control pumps, electrical motors, compressors, and asynchronous motors.
The control panel will help you to solve all the following tasks:


  ◊ Tension control
  ◊ Ventilation control
  ◊ Various power supplies control
  ◊ Equipment protection against short-circuits and over tensioning
  ◊ Remote control managed tension
  ◊ Smooth starting features
  ◊ Automatic technological processes





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