Installation and commissioning of equipment (integrated telecommunications network)


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Services include: standard installation and providing support at the highest level – from planning and organization to connecting the equipment to the network. We also offer extended services: construction examination, development and integration of the project paperwork. Normally, both standard and extended services are provided altogether.


 Equipment installation, commissioning and integration


"Fortitudo is a qualified installer of telecommunications equipment, major platforms and base stations, transmission lines, antennas, etc. "Fortitudo" provides a list of services that includes: logistics, equipment storage and supply. We perform installation of various types of antennas equipped with feeders, we test radio frequencies, integrate basic stations BTS,perform routine testing and mange the technical-executive paperwork.


Our Company has authorised specialists with high technical skills, who consistantly attend intensive courses in their field of activity.

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 Antenna systems installation and testing


After installing the antenna-feeder system, our technicians perform a series of measurements of key parameters of antenna-feeder devices, such as: the stationary wave(SWR), return loss, cable loss, discontinuity distance in the cable,obtaining a spectrogram for the selected range, etc. The devices with a wide range of basic and advanced features represent an indispensable tool for our technical experts, while implementing and maintaining the base stations.

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 BTS Integration(GSM, UMTS, and LTE)


Base stations integration is a service that includes a final check of all installed equipment, according to the plan and relevant standards. After that, with the help of local terminals and specialized software, we configure and set the central sections (modules) of the base station and we also upgrade the software, etc. The next step is to check the configuration of alarm system, antenna-feeders measurements,power testing, sector and cell parameters measurements, testing the speed of data transmission, etc. When checking is completed, we fill in all the technical paperwork (Integration Report) with all the features and technical parameters of the base station, immediately after its start-up.)

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• Maintenance of the second, third and fourth generation of networks


Wireless network operation requires continuous monitoring, upgrading and technical maintenance. Our company provides a range of services of all types of mobile facilities maintenance, including network modernization and optimization. In some cases, technical support is required from the manufacturer, both of the base station equipment and of network management systems. In such cases, if the problem cannot be solved by us, we contact the manufacturer. We will list a few of our services regarding it:


  • Monitoring, precise adjustment of system features in order to optimize its performance
  • Hardware and software support for next-generation networks
  • Trial experimenting on network parameters, and its subsequent analysis
  • Technical changes of mobile systems
  • Preparation and conduct of operational and acceptance testing
  • Development of technical-executive paperwork of the communication facility

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