Production and infrastructure installation for mobile stations


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 We design, manufacture and install additional telecommunication facilities ("Fortitudo" Ltd. offers a wide range of products and services related to the construction of the following telecommunications objects, particularly:


◊ Special containers with telecommunications equipment, power supply equipment and air conditioning

◊ Various types of support

◊ LED Protection

◊ Different types of gates and protection systems

◊ Corrosion protection of metallic products (by hot-dip galvanization)

◊ Security system

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• Electricity supply (Electricity Department Specialists are ready to provide a full range of services and electro-technical solutions for the following areas:


◊ Connection to power supply line of 10-0, 4kw

◊ Installation of aerial power lines of 10-0, 4 kw

◊ Generators and transformers supply and commissioning

◊ AVR (automatic output voltage stabilisation)

◊ Distribution panels and calculator cabinet installation

◊ Grounding system

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• Electrical laboratory - we perform a full range of tests and periodical or acceptance measurements, , which include:


◊ Laboratory measurements of grounding devices resistance

◊ Wires and coils insulation

◊ Protective equipment testing, etc.


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