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Our company has a wide range of design and architectural patterns both for metal constructions and buildings. Besides that, we have a specially selected software, which allows us to professionally carry out the major work, such as: design, creating drafts and necessary specifications, engineering calculations and analysis of sustainability, 3D modeling, etc. The high qualification of the specialists from Design and Engineering Department, as well as the experience gained in this field, allow us to perform any project in a short time and prepare all the necessary technical information.


• Visiting the construction place, data collection and preparation of detailed technical project


The specialists will visit the place for construction in order to collect and analyze the basic data for design, and also to test the technical state of the buildings. They will check the towers, pillars, chimneys, residential and administrative buildings. Later on, we will process the appropriate project documentation:


◊ The architectural plan

◊ The detailed draft of metal constructions and buildings

◊ We design the foundation plan for each of the telecommunication objects, etc.


 Land acquisition, geological research of the territory


We negotiate with the landowner, make a preliminary agreement on location, receive technical conditions for power supply,perform a project examination, geological studies , obtain permission for construction and place the object into operation, according with the law.


 We obtain all the authorizations for communication objects construction


We attach the following documents: the certificate of land ownership, listing the place where the construction will be set; the territory plan, the project documentation with explanatory notes, information about engineering equipment and its connection places to power supply; the step by step project of the construction process, the State expertise agreement of the project documentation, etc.


 Project management services, including State accreditation of documents by the local authorities


Project management (external project management) is a service which allows the management tasks of the customer to be performed by our company. External management significantly increases the project efficiency of any client, due to the authority that we gained and the experience and professionalism that we have.


 Structural analysis of the existing buildings, development and solution consolidation for their subsequent modernization


Engineering geodesy (tower and antenna verticality, straightness zones, foundation settlement, the state of metal constructions (foundation support bars, bolting, welding joints, anti-lightning protection, paint, fences, stairs, and other structural elements), the state of the foundation; corrosion and mechanical condition of ropes, their straining, equipment testing.


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